Project I am Kenyan

Project I am Kenyan is based on the following premise:

Kenya has about 42 different tribes and other communities

 We can never be “tribeless”

Our tribe is part of our identity

It is ok to own your tribe

Just remember that being Kenyan is bigger than your tribes

 We are all Kenyan  

What the Kenyan Government and leaders do: 

 Use our different tribes to divide us while they get away with murder and rob our country

Play different ethnic groups against each other so as to remain in power

 Things we need to stop doing:

Fighting and hating each other based on our differences

Using social media to express our anger

Taking to the streets to fight each other

Having selective amnesia

Electing leaders based on our tribal differences

Things we need to start doing:

Hold each other accountable

Having constructive dialogue based on our common goals for our country

Embrace our different tribes and build upon our strengths

Hold the government and our leaders accountable

Elelct leaders who have a proven track record, to better the Kenyan people as a whole and not just themselves

As Kenyans start asking questions about:







Find Solutions to: 

#Poor governance   #Healthcare   #Unemployment

#Lack of security  #Corruption  #Poverty

#Education  #Elephant poaching  #Standards of living

#Rule of law  #Pollution


We are responsible for the destiny of our country  

 Let us stop being played by the government and our leaders

Let us agree to make Kenya great country

Kenya Ni Yetu 


Disclaimer: we could not get people from all 42 tribes and or represent all the communities that live in Kenya but you get the point!

A big than you to all my friends who helped with the project behind the scenes 😉 

Thank you Afrika Fusion for letting us use your resturant


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