Goodbye Rum and Coke!

Written by Joe Kambo

Today I am making a decision that millions before me have made and millions others probably will.

I have decided to stop drinking alcohol!!

It is an easy thing to say and write, but I am scared as to how I will go about doing it. Alcohol has been a part of my life since the tender age of 15. I grew up in Nairobi where getting “wasted” was always viewed as one of the coolest things to do.

In high school, tales of weekend exploits fueled by booze were always the favorite conversation topic on Monday mornings. The drunker you were over the weekend the cooler you became. Fast forward 15 years and I’ve reached my limit. The question is how do I implement this?

I’ve always envied people who are able to stop drinking after a beer or two. Unfortunately, I am the kind of guy who doesn’t know how to do that. Like some of my peers, I can go all week without imbibing, but come the weekend and I must release my stress with a rum and coke and any other alcoholic beverage that finds its way to my mouth. And as usual, Mondays have a rude way of showing up and interrupting the party.

I know you  must be telling yourself there is no way he is going to be able to pull this off and still hang out with the same crowd of enablers. And you are right, so are there any teetotalers looking for a cool dude to hang with?  Seriously though, there lies the challenge.

All my friends drink. It is like alcohol defines us and is the focal point of all our social gatherings. It goes without saying that meeting up with friends will definitely involve a lot of drinking. It would be fine by normal peoples standards but allow me to elaborate on our “normal”.

Three bottles of Captain Morgan, two of crown, six cases of Heineken, and numerous shots (all in one night) you get the picture. Binge drinking I suppose is what I should call it.

Before I made up my mind about parting ways with alcohol, I racked my brain in an attempt to find any positives that alcohol has brought me. Other than some fun times with some great people…I draw a big fat blank! Now, anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a very social guy. I thrive being around people, so this is going to be especially hard. However, there will be immediate rewards from this decision;


On any given weekend, I spend anywhere from two to three hundred dollars on entertainment which often included buying alcohol and going to night clubs and bars. I agree that is ridiculous! But again, I just don’t know how to say no or when to stop . The amount of money that I will save is immense. In fact, that alone is really getting me motivated.


I mean, should I really be getting used to terrible hangovers and dehydration? We all agree it sucks. Not to mention memory loss and the stupid choices one makes when intoxicated.

I have seen firsthand how alcohol ruins lives and is almost messing mine up. I have had a failed relationships as a result of it. I realize that I have a problem. This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but it is the right one. I know that I will lose some “friends” over this, but the real ones will stay. No, I’m not going to be a party pooper and judge people. It is just something that I must do for myself.

One day at a time from here on out…………


8 thoughts on “Goodbye Rum and Coke!

  1. Stay focused and you will do it. All the best.


  2. Be strong and of good courage do not fear, press on one day at a time you will conquer and you will no longer be a slave. Good bye RUM AND COKE WELCOME TO FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations – from a mother-


  3. It takes a lot of guts to admit that you have a problem – especially a drinking one – most people can’t even do that! It is going to be really had when most of your friends drink. Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress.


  4. thanks guys, since I wrote this, I’ve relapsed twice! Like , I said it’s beyond hard..but at least I’m not giving up on the challenge.


  5. Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?
    you need to keep reminding yourself as to your why decided to start this journey in the first place. Don’t give up my friend.


  6. Let’s be honest here, alcohol doesn’t taste good! Then why drink??It’s all about the buzz.
    This drinking habit is brought about by peer pressure – and it’s all about fitting in with others. However, how many to drink or when to stop drinking is all about self discipline.
    I have friends who believe that they have to drink to have fun with others, and they’re always surprised to see me having lots of fun out there, without alcohol in my body.
    Guys, drink responsibly:)


  7. have you posted an update on how you progressiong with your decision to steer clear of alcohol?


  8. I will have an progress report from him soon. Thanks! 😉


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