By Deno Botih

I bleed through my pen to the paper I write on. 
I bleed every moment I open my eye, 
all I see is pain and suffering.

I bleed when I see my sisters are getting unfair
treatment just because they have nappy hair.

 I bleed even more, for they 
are women living in a “man’s” world.
I bleed for the women of Africa who have been raped.
I bleed for those who have their limbs chopped off.
I bleed for those who can’t bear children.
I bleed for all the children suffering in this cruel world.
In their eyes, I see pain they cannot understand.
I bleed for the child soldier of Africa.
I bleed as our leaders turn a blind eye to the
innocent and defenseless women and children.
My brothers and sisters are suffering as the
world looks on.

My veins are running dry as I continue to bleed.
I hope when I stop bleeding,
all the pain and suffering will be gone.
I bleed.



5 thoughts on “I BLEED

  1. wow! very touching makes my heart ache…..


  2. we need to help each other before GOD can help us.


  3. This definitely tugs at my heartstrings. It breaks my heart to think this is what is happening half way around the world…I know it happens here but here I think there is more help than there. I wish there were something to help, to reach out, to understand.


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