Nova On Going Au Naturale!

Written by Esther Kanyua

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Coco Chanel

Everywhere I turn, I see ladies rocking their natural hair and looking fabulous. So I have decided I am going to join them as I am tired of the never-ending trips to the hair salon where I  perm, braid or weave my hair.

However, I am kind of skeptical about going au naturale. Why, you may ask?

a)    Broken blow-dry combs/ regular combs.

b)    Headaches from pulling my hair.

c)    Waste of time due to lack of desired results

d)    Looking more than a little “crazy” with uncontrollable hair.

I have spent enough time reading different hair blogs, and most of them seem geared towards selling hair products. Others are way too long or have ladies who have had their hair natural for a long time – in other words, they are on a whole other level.

I, therefore, decided to talk to a few ladies who have had the “big chop” or “transitioned” recently and here is one of their hair tales.

Nova On Going Au Naturale!

Nova had braids before she decided to go for the big chop. It’s been almost two years since and she is loving her nappy hair.

She has never looked back, but she warns people not to make that decision lightly. One has to put in a lot of work to understand their own natural hair and what works best  for it.

Products that worked for her include any leave-in conditioner,  Pure coconut oil and Shea butter. “What works for one person doesn’t work for everyone.”

"Oooh I love my nappy hair. Best decision I ever made about this head"

"Not going back!"


7 thoughts on “Nova On Going Au Naturale!

  1. Kudos to those who have gone au naturale. Thats not an option for me mainly because I just don’t have the time or patience to deal with natural hair. Perms, braids, weaves etc were created to make our hair manageable and as a result make life easier for us. And hey, i already have a weight problem and so am not about to add nappy hair on to this fat body LOL. And i agree with your comment about looking a little crazy due to uncontrollable hair.


  2. Asha I plan on writing about a mother of two who has a busy work schedule and can handle the Au Naturale hair…maybe that will give you some hope.


  3. I think natural is a great idea. I know that I may not know exactly what you’re going through, but ever since I can remember I’ve had a perm, and if it wasn’t a perm it was straightening and coloring. I have finally been able to take on the Texas humidity and my natural waves and I am proud of it. You go girl!


  4. Natural hair is not for everybody. Some people honestly look good and some let’s not even go there. I respect ladies who have made that transition because its not easy. Personally I have been going back and forth about the idea but my boyfriend discourages me. His words and I quote “natural hair is for lazy people who don’t want to comb their hair”. Do u agree with him?


    • Star, great work and thank you for bringing and shedding light onto this NAPPINESS!!!! I have to respond to Anonymous above who is going through the motions with natural hair – Yes Natural hair isnt for everybody, the chinese need to make some money too! (insert laugh), however i know where you are coming from and i will try keep this short. Your boyfriend’s statement “natural hair is for lazy people who dont want to comb hair” – is so erroneous and preposterous but he is entitled to his own opinion. If somebody has hair over three inches long or even shorter they would know that it still takes work and you spend just as much time combing, oiling,washing, in the mirror at the salon as a woman with a perm; so laziness is not synonymous with Natural Hair and trust me i know i have been natural going on seven years and honey child i do not regret it. It is a hard transition, you will encounter opposition but do your due diligence and research, and when the time is right you will know. Make sure YOU know why you want to go natural and make sure its for YOUR own reasons…. going natural and staying natural are two different things. Natural hair requires, love, work, time and acceptance of your true self. Its a journey but trust me it wont be one you regret!
      Peace and Blessings!


  5. @ Anonymous,
    Going natural is not something you just do, so take your time and decide what YOU want to do with your hair.
    As for your boyfriend, I have to disagree with him. I recently did the “big chop” and believe me I have to comb my hair everyday.
    Best of luck on your hair journey just remember it is your journey
    @Abalo, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue of Nappiness.


  6. @ Anonymous, I can see where your man is coming from. It takes effort to pull the natural look and given he is used to seeing the smooth and silky perm induced look, then it easy to equate natural with unkempt . Perm and wigs have redefined the norm, making straightened hair seem natural as opposed to nappy hair. I say if enough folks wore those funky eye contacts, those that make one’s eyes look like those of a cat, then normal eyes would look strange!!!! I am just illustrating that the norm can be redefined by actions of the masses. Once you go natural…..then your man will accept the effort it takes.


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